A Mixture of the Old and the New

A Mixture of the Old and the New

People always say out with the old and in with the new. At Nick's we're mixing the two. 
As some of you may or may not know we moved to a new location (new address and hours can be found at the bottom of our site or at the “About” tab) in January 2018. We moved here in an effort to expand our retail and wholesale business, and to also better serve our customers. With a bigger storefront, bigger warehouse, and a parking lot we have what we need to accomplish our goals.
We also wanted to pair our new physical store-front with an online store-front, as we could no longer ignore the need to have an online presence or the eCommerce world. We have also digitized a lot of our systems and processes to become more efficient. 
However, we are still staying true to who we have been for many decades when the original Nick's was in the 6th street marketplace, and that is a local, family-owned business that cares for the local community. When you come to Nick's you will still be greeted with a friendly hello and smile, and, excellent customer service along the way. 
Of course the unfortunate headline for our move was us scaling back our sub shop. However, we now have premade subs, and, you will find Mr. Tony roaming the aisles still cracking jokes with customers and giving helpful advice about our products.
Mr. Tony and his premade subs
Although a lot has changed in just a matter of a few months, we haven't gotten away from the customer service that we've always prided ourselves on! 
The purpose of this blog is to create another way to connect with our local community. You will see posts about ideas and recommendations from Mr. Tony or Coach Mo, or other helpful customers… so that you can find ways to use our unique product offerings. We'll also be posting Greek recipe ideas, and other fun Mediterranean things. So stay tuned!!


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