Loumidis Greek Coffee 6.8oz

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If you’re a coffee lover and have never experienced the distinct pleasure of traditional “Greek Coffee,” you’re in for a major treat! For many centuries, drinking strong unfiltered coffee has been part of daily life, ritual and culture in Greece and in much of the Mediterranean and Middle East. Papagalos Loumidis Greek Coffee is made using the finest roasted Greek coffee beans ground into a fine powder: yielding a bold full-bodied flavor and texture essential for this classic brew. Unlike American filtered drip coffee or Italian Espresso, you’ll need a small narrow necked coffee pot called a “Briki” to make Papagalos Loumidis Greek Coffee. The preparation involves gently boiling the coffee with cold water – adding sugar and ground cardamom or cardamom pods, if wanted – until it comes to a foam. The foam is an essential part of this special brew, as are the coffee grinds that should sink the bottom of the demitasse-sized cup before drinking. Never stir before drinking and never add milk. Wait a couple of minutes and then savor the taste of Greece with family and friends.