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Wholesale Product List
Fillo // Spinach & Cheese Pies // Greek Dishes Qty
Fillo Dough #4 24/ 1lb.
Fillo Dough #7, #10 24/ 1lb.
Fillo Dough #5 Flat 25 lb.
Kataifi Dough 12/ 1 lb.
Pastry Cups, Mini 12/ 15 piece
Grecian Delight Spanakopita 3/10/8oz.
Grecian Delight Spanakopita 3/12/6oz.
Grecian Delight Tyropita 3/12/6 oz
Kontos Spanakopita 3/12/6oz
Kontos Spanakopita 3/24/3oz
Kontos Tyropita 3/24/3oz
Kontos FilloSwirl Spanakopita 6/5/8oz
Kontos FilloSwirl Tyropita 6/5/8oz
Grecian Delight Mousaka 4/6lb. Trays
Grecian Delight Pastichio 4/6lb. Trays
Anchovies// Carp Row Qty
Anchovies Indvividual 28oz
Krinos Tarama 12/ 10oz Jars
Krinos Taramosalata 12/ 8oz Jars
Krinos Taramosalata 12/ 14oz Jars
Specialty Cheeses Qty
Dodoni Greek Feta Tin 28lb.
Dodoni Greek Feta Retail 6/1000g
Dodoni Greek Feta Retail 12/400g
Dodoni Greek Feta Retail 2/2kg
Dodoni Halloumi Cheese 10/8oz
Halloumi Alambra 22 lb.
Olympus Greek Feta Cheese 5 Gal.
Marmaris Domestic Feta Cheese Bucket 5 Gal.
Marmaris Domestic Feta Cheese Pails 2/ 8lb.
Marmaris Domestic Feta Cheese Vac-Pac Roughly 30 lb
Aris Bulgarian Feta Cheese Tin 5 Gal.
Kefalograviera Retail Pack 12/7oz.
Kefalotyri Retail Pack 12/7oz.
Matis Kasseri Retail Pack 12/2lb. wheel
Orino Kasseri Retail Pack 16/13oz.
Manouri Retail Vac-Pac 10/10oz. or 12/200g
Nick's Grated Parmesean & Romano Blend 5lb. Bag
Kefalograviera Medium Wheel by pound
Kefalograviera Vlaha Wheel or Loaf by pound
Kasseri Wheel by pound
Manouri Cheese Log by pound
Italian Picarino Romano Wheel by pound
Coffees Qty
Papagalous Greek Coffee 12/16oz
Papagalous Greek Coffee 15/ 6.8 oz.
Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee 12/200g
Venizelos Coffee 24/ 1 lb.
Dolmades// Grape leaves Qty
Orlando Grape Leaves 6 gal
Orlando Grape Leaves 12/1lb.
Artemis Dolmas 6/4 lb. Cans
Palirria Dolmas 6/2kg Cans
Palirria Dolmas 12/10oz
Falafel Mix// Tahini// Hummus Qty
Falafel Mix Sahadi 25 lb.
Tahini Al Wadi 10 lb. Tub
Tahini 40 lb.
Tahini Retail Glass Jar 12/1lb.
Tahini Chef Reserve 5 gal.
Grecian Delight Hummus 4-1/2 Gal.
Gyro Products/ Pita Bread Qty
Grecian Delight Cooked Lamb and Beef Loaf 6/5.3 lb.
Cooked Chicken Gyro Slices 10 lb. Box
Chicago Lamb and Beef Small Gyro Cone 4/10 lb.
Athenian Lamb and Beef Medium Gyro Cone 2/ 20lb.
Thavma Gyro Cone Large 2/ 20lb.
Thavma Gyro Cone Small 4/10 lb.
All Beef Uncooked IQF Gyro Slices 10 lb. Box
Chicago Lamb and Beef Gyro Slices 4/ 4 lb. Boxes
Grecian Delight Tzatziki Sauce 4/ 3.75 lb.
Grecian Delight Pita Bread 7'' Wrap 12/ 10 Pieces
Kontos 7'' Pita Bread 12/10 pks.
Kontos 8'' Panini Bread 10/10 pks.
Kontos 4" Mini Pita 12/10 pks.
Loumidis 7'' Pita Bread 12/10 pks.
Beans // Wheats // Seeds Qty
Bulgur Wheat (#1,2,3, shelled, whole) 25 lb.bag
Lentils Red 55 lb.bag
Lentils Green 50 lb.bag
Split Peas Green 50 lb.bag
Split Peas Yellow 50 lb.bag
Giant Greek Beans 20 kilo bag
Palirria Baked Giant Greek Beans 6/2kg cans
Lg. Chickpeas 55lb.bag
Chickpea Flour 25lb.bag
Great Northern Beans 50lb.bag
Specialty Meats Qty
Old Neighborhood Greek Locanico(Sausage) 12/12oz
Nuts Qty
Walnuts 25lb.
Pinenuts per pound
Pistachio Nuts per pound
Olives Qty
Krinos Kalamata Retail Glass Jar 12/1lb.
Krinos Kalamata Pitted Retail Glass Jar 12/1lb.
Krinos Kalamate Cracked Green Retail Glass Jar 12/1lb.
Kalamata Olives 2 Kilo(4.4lb.) Keg
Kalamata Pitted Olives 2 Kilo(4.4lb.) Keg
Spicy Mixed 10lb.Pail
Kalamata Jumbo 5gal.Keg
Greek Kalamata Pitted 5gal.Keg
Kalamata Colossal/Giants 5gal.Keg
Olive Oils Qty
Hermes Pomace Tin 4/3L
Iliada Extra Virgin Bottles 12/500 or 750ml
Minerva Olive Oil 6/3L
Iliada Extra Virgin Tin 4/3L
Lefas Greek Extra Virgin Tin 6/3L
Spitiko Extra Virgin Tin 4/3L
Spitiko Extra Virgin Tin 12/750ml and 500ml
Partanna Extra Virgin Tin 4/3L
Petrina Extra Virgin Tin 4/3L
Pastas Qty
Bechamel Mix 12/ 6.1oz
Melissa Greek Pastichio #2 12/ 1LB
Misko Greek Pastichio #2 24/500g
Misko Greek Orzo 20/ 500g
Melissa Greek Orzo 12/1lb
Melissa Greek Pasta #6 24/ 500g
Misko Greek Pasta #5 20/ 1lb.
Helios Helopites Short 12/ 500g
Helios Helopites Long 12/500g
Peppers// Pepperoncini Qty
Fantis Roasted Red Peppers 6/5.5lb. cans
Pepperoncini Krinos Retail Glass Jar 12/1lb.
Pepperoncini Bulk 5 gal. Keg
Greek Pastries // Greek Cookies Qty
Baklava 2/30 piece
Cheesecake Baklava 2/14 piece
Galaktoboureko (uncooked) 1/40 piece
Melomakarona 1/75 piece
Melomakarona 2/80 piece
Kataifi 2/30 piece
Koulourakia 1/9lb Tray
Kourabiethes 2/80 piece
Kourabiethes 1/75 piece
Tsoureki 4/14oz
Ladokoulouro Cretan Cookies 12/500g.
Papadopoulos Cookies Lemon Cream 12/7.05oz. pkg
Papadopoulos Cookies Chocolate Cream 12/7.05oz. pkg
Papadopoulos Cookies Strawberry Cream 12/7.05oz. pkg
Papadopoulos Cookies Vanilla Cream 12/7.05oz. pkg
Papadopoulos Cookies Banana Cream 12/7.05 oz. pkg
Caprice Wafer Rolls with Hazelnut 12/250g
Sweets // Candies Qty
Greek Halva Large Bar: Chocolate 4/5.5lb
Greek Halva: Chocolate, Pistachio, Almond, Vanilla 12/500g cans
Sarantis Sour Cherry Preserve 12/16oz Jars
Ion Milk Chocolate Bars (Milk, Almond, Hazelnut, Dark) 10/100g and 200g
Ion Choco-Freta Bars (Milk, Hazelnut, Dark) Minis 16/210g
Ion Choco Freta Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts 20/1.34oz bars
Specialty Drinks Qty
Loux Flavored Juice Drink (Lemon, Orange, Cherry) 12/ 330ml
Epsa Flavored Juice Drink (Lemon, Orange) 4/6/232ml
Amita Juices (Peach, Orange Apricot Apple) 12/1L
Motion Multivitamin Juice 12/1L
Misc. // General Products Qty
Attiki Greek Honey
6/16oz, 12/8oz, 1kg can
Krispies - Wheat Toasted Rolls 15/200g.
Krispies - Sesame Toasted Rolls 15/200g.
Goldies Wheat Toasted Rusks 24/8.9oz.
Olive Oil Toast - The Manna 15/500g.
Fine and Coarse Semolina Flour 12/500g.
Harissa Hot Sauce Individual Bottles
Avgolemono Soup Lemon Chicken with Orzo 12/20.2oz. cans
Skotidakis Yogurt 11lb.tub
Krinos Capers Retail Glass Jar 12/1lb.
Crown Figs Dried 24/14oz.
Sundried Tomatoes 5lb bag
Eggplant Pulp 6/88oz.cans
Admiration Red Wine Vinegar 4/1gal.jugs
Regina Red Wine Vinegar 4/1gal.jugs
Colavita Red Wine Vinegar 12/17oz. bottles
Colavita Prosecco White Wine Vinegar 12/17oz. bottles
Colavita Balsamic Vinegar 6/17oz. bottles
NEA Fytini 12/800g.Tubs