Ion Mini Milk Chocolate w/ Almonds Bag 400g

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Unique to Greece, we start the process by cultivating and selecting the best cocoa beans in Western Africa and in the Caribbean. For more than five decades, ION “Amigdalou” Chocolate with Almonds has been the most popular chocolate bar in Greece. Made with rich pure milk chocolate and freshly roasted whole almonds, this classic sweet treat is velvety smooth with an added crunch factor. These wonderful confections are also available in two-bite “Minis. With approximately 48 minis to a package, you can satisfy your sweet cravings and still share this delicious treat with your family and friends. Also available in pure milk chocolate (ION “Galaktos” Minis) and in semi-sweet chocolate (ION Bitter “Ugeias” Minis). Store in a cool, dry place.